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# IJSRD.com (Indian Journal)  finds some useful information regarding Image processing. If you are working on projects of Human Faces, this will be a useful one.  (Download links are given below)

# IJSRD.com (Indian Journal)  has found some code to detect different parts of Human Face. Although your might be using the best, this is good to give a try.

Face Parts Detection - Input Image
Face Parts Detection – Input Image
Face Parts Detection using MATLAB
Face Parts Detection using MATLAB

Here MATLAB code is given. So you can download files and use them given by # IJSRD.com (Indian Journal) 

If you find useful then please share with  # IJSRD.com (Indian Journal)  and your friends. To know more about such topics please visit www.ijsrd.com

Instructions to use this code: 

  1. Download all files
  2. Save each files as (.m)extension instead of (.docx)
  3. Run demo.m
  4. Enjoy.

Requirements to use this code: MATLAB Image Processing Toolbox , MATLAB Computer Vision System Toolbox

Download Code files Here: (mergeFourPoints drawFourPoints detectRotFaceParts detectFaceParts demo checkToolboxes buildDetector)